Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) IN BRIGHTON

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is the closest alternative to mains gas and is used for central heating, water heating and cooking. It can be stored in cylinders, in a tank (above or below ground) and is delivered to a property via a pipeline.

The majority of UK homeowners can simply hook up to mains gas to fuel their central heating systems, the rest of us are left to seek out other options. If you’re off the main grid, a popular choice of fuel is liquid petroleum gas (LPG), especially since it can be used within a conventional gas central heating system. Usually, your LPG supplier will not fit gas boilers themselves, although they can recommend a gas certified professional who will. the supply will still need to be linked to a gas boiler and heating system. This is not a DIY job, it’s only suitable for trained Certified Gas Safe LPG Engineers. Replacing an older gas boiler with a modern efficient model may cost on average between £1,600-£2,000. New radiators can also be supplied and fitted for around £180 each. If you’re off the main grid and need an alternative fuel source, LPG is a great way to heat your home. It beats burning oil by a long shot. It’s going to be more costly than conventional gas but still far cheaper than running on electricity.


For many people living in rural areas, who are unable to connect to a mains gas network, an LPG Heating System is a realistic, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

LPG Systems can be used for a variety of uses including, fueling central heating systems, water heating, fires and cookers.

Depending on your requirements, they can be stored in cylinder or tank (either above or below ground) and delivered to your home via a safe and secure pipeline.

LPG installers must be CORGI registered, which protects property owners.

There is a wide choice of appliances available from leading manufacturers.

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